Do you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear even if your closet is overcrowded?

Our stylists will guide you through the main shopping streets of Rome & surroundings to help you find what suits you best, while you enjoy the magical atmosphere and the most beautiful places of the eternal City.




1st STEP

Our stylist will analyze the contents of your closet directly to your home, reorganizing it in a smart way to allow you to effortlessly select what to chose every single day: you will have clear what to wear and how to mix and match clothes, shoes, accessories in any context and occasion; how to readjust unused or old-fashioned clothes, getting rid of anything that does not enhance your image.

2st STEP

You’ll avoid future shopping mistakes: you’ll know exactly what you need to add to your wardrobe and what is really worth to buy.

3st STEP

At the end of this stage we’ll take some picture of you with the outfits we created which you can keep and can be useful for your future consultation.

3 hours


50€ per hour

We will come directly to your home to reorganize and optimize everything inside your closet.

Upgrade your style and looks with us.