Do you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear even if your closet is overcrowded?

Our aim is to show you how you to create a functional wardrobe, full of pieces that you really love, able to create unlimited outfit with.


WardrobeRehab in Rome

1st STEP

Our stylist will analyze the contents of your closet directly at your home, reorganizing it in a smart way to allow you to effortlessly select what to chose every single day. You will have clear what to wear and how to mix and match clothes, shoes, accessories in any context and occasion; how to readjust unused or old-fashioned clothes, getting rid of anything that does not enhance your image.

2nd STEP

The next step is show you how to identify your basics, those key pieces of your wardrobe you already own or miss. This step is very important to identify your true style type profile.

3rd STEP

Having a well-organized closet creates the prerequisite to define your personal style. We provide you with the right tips&tricks on how to define your unique style.

4th STEP

It's time to talk about colors: what are the fundamentals, how to mix& match them and how to choose your color palette.

5th STEP

Now that you have a clear idea of the key pieces or accessories your wardrobe really miss, you are finally ready to shop what is really worth invest in!

Full day 

Upon request

We will come directly to your home to reorganize and optimize everything inside your closet.

Upgrade your style and looks with us.