About the team

RomaShopper is a skilled team of Image Consultants, Hair Stylists, MakeUp Artists, Beauty Experts that will help you to upgrade your look and your style.
With the knoledge of the fashion world and natural talent of Italian lifestyle, we provide unique experiences through private shopping tours and exclusive services.

It’s not only about choosing fashionable stuff, it’s about your lifestyle and how to look wonderful.

Our advice are available for both women and men.


Mariacaterina Talotta

Ceo an Founder

She’s living in Rome for about 20 years, here she studied communication and  fashion journalism. Passionate about style, art music and trends, she refined her knowledge at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, attending Fashion Styling and cool hunting courses. In 2006 she created Romashopper designed for those who want to shop and enhance their style in a smart and customized way. Thanks to her insatiable curiosity,  continuous research, innate taste and empathy, she manages to understand personality, needs and  tastes of her clients, supporting them in the creation of a personal and unique style. She truly believes “Fashion fades, style is eternal"

Mademoiselle Chanel's practical elegance  inspires her constantly.


Visual Merchandiser

Ludovica grew up in her family's tailor shop, always in touch with fabrics, buttons, she studied haute couture shapes and volumes. Over the years she completed a course of creative studies :Art in high school, Academy of Fine Arts (Scenography)graduation and Fashion Buying, Merchandising and Visual Merchandising (Istituto Marangoni) master's degree.

Today Ludovica is specialized in visual merchandising.


Fashion designer,
Interior stylist.

Born in Rome breathing design and art in her family. She studied psychology at Sapienza and Fashion and Design at IED. She learned to observe and appreciate different kinds of beauty, everyone’s features and peculiarity. An internship in NEW YORK has allowed her to meet a cosmopolitan reality enriching her knowledge and style travelling all over the world.

Virginia is constantly inspired by emotions and feelings that fashion and design can brings to everyone in everyday life.
Roma Shopper Team - Valentina


Makeup Artist

Calabrese of origin and Roman by adoption, 8 years ago she decided to crown one of her dreams, moving in the eternal city. From an early age her artistic skills brought her to undertake artistic studies where she was frees to express herself "When I was born, I was already with the colors and sheets in my hands" she says... Drawing was her passion that’s also why she attempted a fashion designer and make up artists course. Solar, creative, she loves to play with colors creating dramatic looks, but what she loves the most is to capture inner and unique beauty of every single woman by a natural make up.

"Give me a face, leave the colors available, I'll take care of the rest” is her motto!

Upgrade your style and looks with us.