Vintage Tour

rome vintage shopping tour

The Unique Vintage Tour

Nowadays, Vintage is one of the main sources of inspiration for Fashion stylists.

Vintage is at the root of modern fashion. If you want to experience a vintage look jumping into the past but at the same time always remaining “in style” come discover with us the hidden little vintage boutiques and we will hep you revisit the past trends with a new look!!

Breathing the intoxicating atmosphere of ancient Rome between a cocktail and an art gallery situated in renaissance palaces like the Chiostro del Bramante you will savour every moment inside those charming little boutiques that are characteristic of this area which is famous as “the vintage street”.

You can find vintage boutiques specializing in accessories, old style glasses, Japanese kimonos, hats and designer clothes from the 60’s and before so that we can help you create your own “shabby-chic” look.

Do you want to find a unique piece to add to your personal everyday wardrobe? Follow us through the many unknown charming little streets that Rome has to offer. Save your time (and money!) with our helpful suggestions and let us conduct you into the magical atmosphere of the past.


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