Total Look Project

total make over

total look over

You don’t like how you look or you simply want to be awsome?

We can take care about that and we can help you to stand out!

We will offer you an entire day like a real queen helping you to upgrade your image with the help of hairstylist, make up artist, beauty experts and image consulting.

You will discover much more about yourself improving you image and your style.

Do you wanna be a star?

We will make it happen!

Service at a glance:

Day: 1 full day

Type of advice: 

  • Make up & Hair consulant,
  • Wardrobe Makeover,
  • Dress Style Advice with 1h lesson,
  • Analysis of your skin to match the right Color and Tone Contrast.
  • Deportment and Manners (on request)

Ideal for:

  • Business Woman and Man,
  • Those who want to Upgrade or reinvent their looks,
  • V.I.P. 


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