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haute couture rome

haute couture in rome

Rome is Italy’s capital of Haute Couture, in fact you still can find Fashion Houses at work respecting the best traditions of the past and using only the most precious fabrics like Silk, Organza, Pizzo San Gallo and Cachemire.

These tailors are the best example of the mix between quality of the past and the innovation of the present.

If you are looking for a perfectly tailored dress for that special occasion or a new cocktail dress for

Haute Couture

Chanel Style in Rome

that gala dinner or even a business casual outfit made with the best fabrics and rigorously handcrafted with original materials from the likes of Chanel, Ungaro, and Valentino, we know exactly where to find it for you! We can lead you to pieces that are hand embroidered and cut precisely to your measurements.

The combination of our five star quality treatment and that unique, just for you outfit will make you feel like exactly what you are – One in a Million!


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