About the brand

Romashopper is the first personal CONCIERGE  Service that offers customized shopping tour in Rome.

It was born in 2006 from the enthusiastic  ideas of her founder Mariacaterina Talotta.
Mary studied communication in Rome. Her insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge brought her to travel a lot: London, Paris and especially New York, where she always wanted to immerge into different cultures capturing the essences discovering fashion, trends and habits.

She realized how difficult it might be to visit a new city and how often the information lead to too touristy itineraries far from the locals standards.
The purpose is to share through Romashoppper the best the city has to offer to those who love fashion, beauty and trends.
With the knowledge of  fashion world and natural talent given by the Italian lifestyle, our team provides unique experiences through private shopping tours and exclusive services easy to enjoy.

How to discover and enjoy  Rome, in a different way!

Upgrade your style and looks with us.