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TOTAL LOOK PROJECT | Image makeover

Are you tired about your image?
Are you not feeling comfortable with your image anymore or you’re just feel like you want to change and look stunning?
Our expert image consultant will collaborate with you  in order to create, define and enhance your unique and defined style in tune with your physical characteristics, tastes and desires.

Starting from silhouette analysis, face study, proportions and colors examinations, our experts will work on:
– Highlight your strengths
– Balance proportions
– Minimize disharmony

You will be amazed with the results!

Enhancing your style means improving your confidence: just You at your best!

We cooperate  with you to coordinate your inner and external style to form a new awareness of your image and define your identity.
An updated and refined version of you will follow with a lasting lifestyle change.

6 hours

1st STEP

We will start discussing about your lifestyle to identify your true style type profile: witch are your shopping habits, color choices, favourite designers? In this step we analyse your features and your face shape asking you to answer some questions to understand your expectations, your tastes and your needs.

2st STEP

We’ll pick for you a selection of hairstyle, makeup and outfit examples to discuss together with you about.

3st STEP

A professional makeup artist will share with you the perfect and useful beauty tips, tricks and secrets studied on you to enhance your face at its best. A proper make up tutorial designed for you. Our expert will explaining you step by step how to take care of your beauty routine at home suggesting you products suitable for you. A customized shopping tour though the city will follow, with suggestions on how to create a basic wardrobe. We’ll be available for any question or style doubts anytime

If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude!



It’s not only about fashion, it’s about your lifestyle and how to look wonderful

Our customized shopping tours are designed to guide you through the main shopping streets of Rome & surroundings to help you find what suits you best, while you enjoy the magical atmosphere and the most beautiful places of the eternal City.

Starting from the most famous shopping streets to the hidden gems of the historical center of Rome, our stylist will guide you among the best of the thousand well and less known boutiques of the city center. We’ll move around the so called “Tridente” where “La Dolce Vita” took place among the beauty of Piazza di Spagna and the best of made in Italy: Valentino, Ferragamo, Fendi,Gucci, Bulgari e more.

Are you Vintage addicted? 
A unique tour for Vintage lovers will guide you through the most exquisite vintage boutiques & flea markets (according to the calendar) where to find a greatest selections of accessories, jewellery, clothes and those pieces that will add that special something to any look. A vintage piece is timeless and will never goes out of style, just like a 2.55 Chanel!

We will drive you to the biggest outlet around, where you can find the most loved designer brands at amazing discounted prices. Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Prada, Burberrys and much more at up to 50% off.

In case you couldn’t find or just didn’t have the time to buy what you were looking for, don’t worry! Let us know what you’d like and you can have it shipped directly to you.

If you are looking for something very special or tailor made for a big event, whether it’s a romantic dinner, a job interview, a cocktail, a birthday or graduation party.

Your style will be precious and original.

We  picked out haute couture  boutiques, atelier, tailors and artisan laboratories witch  will meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Are you ready to discover the coolest and unexpected shopping in Rome?



Have you dreamt about a custom made photo shooting among the most beautiful places of the Eternal City?

You will have a photographer together with a personal stylist who will take care of your image and will chose together with you the most beautiful places of Rome: more than just a photoshoot!

We will tell your story, catching  your feelings in the most evocative City of the world.

Make up artist and hairstylist on demand


WARDROBE REHAB | Edit your closet

Do you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear even if your closet is overcrowded?

Our stylist will analyze the contents of your closet directly to your home, reorganizing it in a smart way to allow you  to effortlessly select what to chose every single day: you will have clear what to wear and how to mix and match clothes,shoes,accessories in any context and occasion; how to readjust unused or old-fashioned clothes, getting rid of anything that does not enhance your image.

You’ll avoid future shopping mistakes: you’ll know exactly what you need to add to your wardrobe and what is really worth to buy.

At the end of this stage we’ll take some picture of you with the outfits we created which you can keep and can  be useful for your future consultation.

We remain available anytime for any question.

We will come directly to your home to reorganize and optimize everything inside your closet.

Upgrade your style and looks with us.